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Add an SSH Key

Diploi utilizes SSH keys for user authentication when establishing SSH connections to deployments. This authentication method is commonly employed for remote development connections, such as those established through VS Code.

To add an SSH key to your Diploi profile, follow these steps:

  1. Generate an SSH Key: If you haven’t already done so, generate an SSH key. Alternatively, if you already have an existing SSH key, you can use that.

  2. Copy the Public Key: Once you have an SSH key, copy the corresponding “public key” component.

  3. Add the Public Key to Your Diploi Profile:

    • Click the “Settings” button located in the top navigation bar.
    • Select “Add new SSH key”.
    • Provide a description for your key, such as “Work MacBook,” to help you remember its origin or purpose.
    • Paste your SSH “public key” into the designated field.
    • Click the “Add SSH Key” button.