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Here is a list (without priorities) of things that is coming to Diploi in the future. Some smaller and some bigger. Our internal list is much bigger, so this is just some highlights.

Custom Templates

We want to open up the possibility for users to create their own templates, opening up the full potential of Kubernetes in order to create the most complex environments. There are many challenges for us before we can enable this but it has been in our roadmap since day one.

Instant Cloning

We are working on a better storage layer that will make e.g. cloning instant and also enable a chunk of new features. Stay tuned.

Self-hosted Cores

This is something we eventually would want to support, before this we would also like to open source our core. Since we currently are pretty low on resources there is no good time estimate for this but stay tuned.

Region selection

Currently all our cores run from Ireland. Pretty soon we will add more regions so that you can get a core running closer to where you develop.